About Us

Passion Funding Charity

Passion Funding (PF) is an organisation assisting schools and individuals. Through our work, we help donors support schools and students by assisting them to identify and make strategic, effective and efficient donations.

Our team

  • Farai Trevor Mangoro – President, Founder   
  • Other Members/ Partners*


To help more than 5000 students by 2025.


At Passion Funding, we want to aim to serve the needs of students by providing financial aid for their education.


  • To aid in education to disadvantaged students by providing financial support.
  • Generally, to do or undertake all or any such other acts, matters or things and charitable activities as are necessary for the charities objectives.


  • Appreciation 
  • Usefulness
  • Dedication
  • Courtesy                     
  • Commitment
  • Caring
  • Cooperation