A girl is not a statistic or a piece of property. She’s a child who deserves a future.

In families where the parents cannot afford education for every child, the male children often get the chance to go to school and the females are left at home.

Girls the world over face discrimination – just for being born a daughter and not a son. A girls education is less likely to be valued, and she’s more likely to be forced into early marriage, face violence or be stolen by traffickers. Her childhood cut short – her very life and future at risk.

A girl’s education changes everything. An educated girl is more likely to grow up healthy, safe and empowered to determine the course of her life and future. She’ll decide when she’s ready for marriage and children. She’ll likely send her children to school – and even live a longer life.

We understand the importance of education for girl children. We do whatever it takes to ensure every last child has a chance to grow up healthy, educated and safe – her best chance for a bright future.

With your help, we can educate girls who may not otherwise have the chance to learn — changing the course of their lives, their children’s lives and the future of their communities.

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Orphans and children with single parents who have little to no income all over the world are the most vulnerable and inadequately prepared for the school that will grip their lives in the coming years, making them vulnerable to life-threatening events such as theft, prostitution or illegal dealings, to make a living, because of lake of education. We all want our children to be safe. Let us help them get proper education to prepare them for a brighter future.

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