How We Operate

How do we raise funds?

We work on a Crowd Funding basis. We gather up partners/ donors who wish to help students in need. All contributions are directed towards our mission (to serve the needs of students by providing financial aid towards their education).

Sometimes, the organisation can hold projects or campaigns like raffles, shows or any other events that can help us raise funds. For example, we can offer car wash services at Universities or Companies. Usually, students volunteer to help us with our campaigns.

How do we choose students?

There are two main ways we use to choose students.

First way: Students or schools will download our application form from our website. On this application form, they will give us reasons why they need assistance. Passion funding will then assess all applications and rightful students, or schools are chosen accordingly. The completed application form should be emailed back to us together with requested documents to our email

Second way: From time to time. We visit schools in remote areas talking to school heads and parents to find students who will need assistance. We get detailed information about the age, gender and educational level they are at and the difficulties they are facing towards their education. The team will then discuss ways to offer assistance accordingly. In this case, there is no need to download the application form and sending supporting documents to us. Students who have their parents unemployed or who are deceased are our primary target for assistance. However, depending on other factors, we aid based on the nature of the problem. For example. Help can be given if parents are working but their income is not enough to provide for their children’s education.

How do we account for raised funds?

We raise money mainly through two processes that are:

1. Events or projects are done by Passion Funding and

2. Donations from our donors.

All the funds that are raised through our events and projects are properly accounted for through our accounting system. All money in, transfers or expenses are properly recorded on our Wave Accounting Software and physical documents like Expenses Journals etc. Physical documents are kept at our office in Westgate (Harare) whilst digital copies are saved on our server.
As a non-profit organisation, we do not use any funds for our benefit. Therefore, the charity is open to be audited at any given time. Monthly financial statements are produced and made available on our website for viewing. All our partners will get regular emails from our Financial Statements.
For the donations made by our donors via Crowd Funding or any other method, we would love to point out that PASSION FUNDING DOES NOT KEEP ANY DONATIONS FROM OUR DONORS IN ANY OF OUR ACCOUNTS, OR IN ANY OF PASSION FUNDINGS BANK ACCOUNTS, OR AS PETTY CASH. We do not receive any money or other donations on behalf of the students or schools. Rather we make our donors transfer their donations directly to the recipients. For example, if student AA is seeking for assistance with tuition fees, we will introduce AA to any of our donors, and the donor will make a direct payment to the school or educational institution where AA is enrolled. Neither Passion Funding nor AA receives any money. The Board of member/partners will from time to time discuss how to allocate the raised funds. We make sure deserving students or schools receive help through our evaluation process. This reduces the risk of donors assisting individuals or institution that do not deserve the help in the first place.

How do we allocate donations?

Below is a schedule that shows how much we will be donating to our students. The figures shown below are for annual tuition fees only excluding other expenses like school levy, accommodation fees etc.

Tuition fees range (ZWL$)


1.00 to 1,000.00

100% of tuition fees.

1,001.00 to 2,000.00

65% of tuition fees.

2,001.00 and above

35% of tuition fees